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Putting CARE back in HomeCARE

The Home For Me Process


Every person is different. Every family is different. Every home is different. Some are more different than others. But one way or another every situation when it comes to home care is different. At Home for Me Home Care we honor those differences.

That’s why a thorough in-home client assessment is first completed, by an RN. The details of that assessment create the base of a custom plan designed around the needs, and wants of the client, and family. The focus of the plan will be to support the client with services they require, maintain dignity and freedom and develop a safe environment in the home. Each client will then be matched with a fully trained, educated, experienced and insured caregiver most suited to their situation. There is no need for family to predetermine the needs of the client as the assessment will determine what needs there are. Family only needs to know that some additional assistance would be helpful.

A special log in is created on the Home for Me Home Care website under the “client services tab” for each family. This allows family, even from a distance to stay continually updated on the status of their loved one through an easy-to-access online system of feedback from the caregivers. Just log in.

An RN will oversee the care on a continual basis making sure that client and family needs are met, and as needs change that the plan is altered to reflect the new situation.

Our Services

  • Senior Care

  • Bathing/ Dressing/Grooming Care

  • Meal Preparation

  • Companionship Care

  • Household Duties

  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care

  • Live in/ 24 hour care

  • Transportation

  • Surgical Recovery

  • Developmentally Disabled Support

  • Hospice and Palliative Care

  • Infant and Pediatric Care

We Stand Behind Our CareGivers

Fully Insured and Covered

Fully Insured and Covered

All employees associated with Home For Me have gone through a background check and are subject to randomized drug testing.

Extensive Interview Process

Extensive Interview Process

 A face to face interview is conducted with every new member of our team to ensure they share our values.

Caregiver Entrance Examination

Caregiver Entrance Examination

Caregivers will not enter your home until they prove proficient in the duties
expected and pass our entrance exam designed by our very own RN.

Continuing education and training for all staff

Continuing education and training for all staff

Ongoing training is required to ensure caregivers are providing the level of service Home For Me demands for our clients.

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